The Agri-Plant “Slobozhanskiy” was created on the basis of the same-name state farm-plant. The company is actively engaged in dairy cattle breeding and pig farming. The “Slobozhanskiy”  hit the Top Ten Biggest Pig Farms in Ukraine in terms of pedigree stock, which is 5,300 animals, and the pork which was farmed and sold for processing – 3,755 tons of live weight.

After the extensive renovation performed from June to October 2012, the plant purchased 5,000 pigs from Denmark (genetics DanAvl). As of this year beginning, “Slobozhanskiy” is housing 4,800 sows. After the end of the second stage of renovation scheduled for the end of 2015, the farm will increase its capacity to 12,000 sows and 350,000 commercial pigs.

The land resources of the Agri-Plant “Slobozhanskiy” made 7,500 ha. This land is used for cultivating winter wheat, barley, corn, soybeans and sunflowers for subsequent production of animal feed at its in-house feed factory.

The cattle stock makes 1,400 heads, including 500 heads of Holstein cows.