Pig Farming

The pig farming is the main business of the Agri-Plant “Slobozhanskiy”.

The pig farm is using an intensive pig breeding technology on a commercial basis. The plant management system allows ensuring continuity, regularity of pace and proportional performance in all areas of the plant. The housing technology is developed by the supplier of equipment, which is the German company “Big Dutchman”. It is distinguishing by the following technological concepts adopted in the pig farm development, which is the application of the best world achievements in mechanization and automation of technological processes, while considering the international experience in operating pig farms with application of trial solutions.

The company has imported a breeding stock from Denmark (genetics DanAvl). As of this year beginning, the “Slobozhanskiy” is housing 4,800 sows. The buildings have the pigs in group boxes with concrete slatted floor provided with a manure removal system that eliminates any contact of animals with excrements, protects them from moisture and ensures the compliance with the rules of hygiene and comfort. The pigs are getting a balanced complete feed and water sufficiently. The fattening lasts 87 days, and an average daily gain in weight is 942 g. After the completion of the renovation in 2015, the pig farm capacity will be 350,000 commercial pigs a year.